I like About pages on websites. I feel it can give a bit of personality to a site. I guess you do to otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this page!

I’m Claire.

I like “lifting heavy shit” as a means of keeping fit and healthy, though I have a desk based day job. I’d never lifted much until 2012 when an excellent PT introduced me to the barbell. Since then I’ve been on an Olympic lifting course, though lack access to the equipment to play more often, progressed the big three lifts, found I love deadlifting, and moved onto throwing Kettlebells around. I also quite like a bit of boxing. Some call me the sledgehammer…

Since 2013 I compete in Kettlebell events. Having goals really helps keep me going with the training, yet I also prefer my health (it helps my asthma and stress levels) and how my body looks and feels when I’m training more often. However deadlines of competitions seem to help my motivation to get up early or push myself!

I’m a cat lover so you may well find mention of them on this blog. Absolutely no apologies for this. Cats are awesome.

As already mentioned I have a desk based job. I write software. I’ve been doing it for quite a while now, and have my own company Moggy Tech as well as working for the man. Actually three men – with a great team and a relaxed working environment. Which doesn’t mean we get to take it easy. It never stops! But I can wear normal clothing, eat and drink at my desk, and some of the guys even have lunchtime Wii contests ๐Ÿ™‚

My husband also does software. We may communicate via Skype, but actually our evenings are quite un-geeky. Shocking I know.

I love quality food and drink. The older (and wiser?!) I get, and with focusing on healthy eating, I refuse to waste calories on bad stuff. It greatly upsets me. I may have been called a beer snob… I’m quite proud of that! I’ve also got much more into cooking as I’ve aged. And more adventurous. It’s mostly good to try new things ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you want to contact me then feel free. I try to reply to all messages. Though probably not instantaneously! And I reserve the right to ignore abuse or spam.