Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – January 2017

geralt / Pixabay

Here, finally, is an intentionally late monthly musings post. Sorry about that, but it’s only a few days late. And there are good reasons!



Good – Training

More training goodness. It’s not been as fantastic as it felt after being unable to train properly for several weeks. And I’ve certainly had to grind some sets out. (So clearly I am working hard, and recovering etc.) But my strength and stamina in heavier and longer sets is much improved. As my coach reminded me recently after a bad session where I was somewhat fed up at failing to hit a duration.

I’m still getting grip failure on my left, always my weaker side, but I’ve also worked hard on solving it with the sessions I’ve been set. On shorter sets, I’m even able to go above prescribed pace too. Just need to ensure I can do heavy with the left hand 🙂



Bad – Death

While death, ultimately, comes to us all and is a part of everyone’s life, it doesn’t make it any easy thing to deal with. It also doesn’t matter that someone has had a good innings, or has been suffering as we tend to refer to things. The actual death still has an impact of shock and loss and requires grieving in those who knew the person.

Sadly I lost my last grand-parent this month. After a period of declining health due to just wearing out, my Grand-dad was admitted to hospital with congestive heart failure and breathing issues. I am very grateful that Steve and I were able to get up to see him the weekend after the admission. Mostly because he died before the next weekend. I am incredibly glad he didn’t have to suffer for long (we wouldn’t leave an animal struggling like that, why do we let humans suffer?) but it’s still had a big impact. He was a man of his time (born in 1920) but he was still my grand-dad! The funeral was at the start of February and that is the reason these monthly musings are late. I needed to focus on important things for a few days.



Meh – Competitions!

I’ve always tried to thank people who organise the competitions I go to. And my goodness, do they earn that thanks. Lots of silly bits of admin behind the scenes, which given work and a death has been a challenge at times this month. So please make my (and others) running around like idiots worthwhile and come along to the English Championship on Saturday 11th February.


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