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Girevoy Sport Union – Connect Online #teamgsu

As many of you may know, Girevoy Sport Union (GSU) runs a series of competition each year. It’s a great way to travel around the UK and Ireland, catch up with existing kettle-friends, make new ones, and to see how your lifting progresses.

This year, many of the dates are already all announced, and even better there are the hashtags for social media. Let’s get these trending throughout the year. Post training photos and videos, preparation details, food, results, retrospectives. Anything that you think other kettlebell lifters might find fun or educational. As a bonus, there are apparently prizes too 🙂

Here are the event images currently available if you want to include them in any posts, check which hashtags to use, or just generally spread the word of an excellent organisation promoting unity and collaboration amongst the home nations. Use the on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social network you favour.

It can only benefit the sport to have more coverage, and ultimately it might help the various national teams to get recognition for the sport at a government/funding level. And best of all you can contribute to strengthening this amazing community.

Events are open to all, so if you fancy coming to visit this part of the world, you would be made more than welcome. Previous GSU events have had lifters from many countries at them. The next event is not that far from Heathrow 😉

On which note, there is just over a week to go before the registration deadline for the English Championship, co-hosted with OKSE. Those hoping to qualify for the English team this year should also remember this is a qualifying event. Greece, South Korea, Hungary, Latvia – some great locations if you can qualify.

Get those entries in, social media items posted, and I’ll see you at weigh-in!


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