Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – December 2016

geralt / Pixabay

Despite it’s best efforts, we’ve made it to the end of 2016 intact! Monthly musings to celebrate 😉 And of course a wish for you all to have a happy new year! Here’s to achieving great things in 2017.


Good – Getting Back to Training

I don’t deny that there are times that training is a chore. Though I know, it is a price worth paying for the consistent progress I’m making. But I hadn’t realised what training felt like when I was healthy. The entire autumn seems to have been dogged one way or another. So to feel so well the week before Christmas and start back with all bell weights (including 20kg and 18kg) since then has been amazing.

My grip suffered as much as anything being off, so some odd forearm DOMs have occurred, but my breathing has been good. I’ve kept up faster paced sets and everything. I’m looking forward to pushing on in 2017. The fact I can now lift 20kg and still look to qualify for England Amateur status also helps as I don’t need to drop back to the 16kg quite so much.



Bad – Nowt!

I think this month has been pretty good overall. Health is improving. Work progressing well. No major stressors. I’ll take it thanks 🙂



Meh – Minor Things

The weather has been a bit dreich, I got fed up of having to take the anti-inflammatories for as long as I did, but that’s kind of all I have to be meh about. Which, quite honestly, is very much a case of #firstworldproblems.




I know I’m lucky to have husband, cats, family, and friends who love me and I love them. We can afford somewhere to live, to buy food, and have money to pursue hobbies. So I can’t really claim to have a meh this month either. I’m also really enjoying the role I’ve now been in for almost six months. It’s a great team. Moggy Tech is also doing well. There is something to be said for learning to be grateful and appreciate what you do have. Might have taken me to veteran status to work that out. But I have, and I am!



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