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Happy Christmas 2016

Couleur / Pixabay

2016. It’s been a funny old year. Well, not all that funny on a global scale. But enough of that! It’s Christmas time so let’s put it behind us and look forward. Get some cheeky lifting gains from the rich(er) food and drink. Catch up on things or with people (or both) in the extra time many of us are lucky to have off from working. In short, live life!

It’s been a mixed year for me. Massive highs such as competing for England, lifting in Russia, and earning Ketacademy CMS for one arm long cycle, and then winning veteran long cycle at the recent British Championships. But a good few lows, with being ill for so long, having to handle employment issues around the time of Brexit (seriously, not a good time!), a return of my anxiety for a while, and yet more shoulder issues.

Regardless, I’m feeling positive as I write this. I feel a lot better. I’ve been able to train this week (finally 😉 ). Work on various fronts is going well if challenging. And I do like to be challenged as it keeps things interesting. I’m helping out with organising a competition and giving back to the kettlebell community along with serving on a committee to progress a sport I love. And most of all long cycle is now officially recognised by all the major competitions. And I can concentrate on lifting the 20kg bell in domestic competitions, just dropping back to amateur level should I qualify for England in 2017. That CMS will be mine! #longlivelongcycle #ladieslongcycletoo

I hope that 2016 ends, and 2017 starts in the mood I feel now! I hope you all have a Happy Christmas and are similarly happy over this festive period 🙂

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