CMS Training Update #16

hkgoldstein0 / Pixabay

Since my set at the British Championships, I have spent about 30 minutes maximum with the bells. So, erm, yes, the CMS training is going quite slowly right now!

There are mitigating circumstances, though. Mostly around pain and breathing. The Bronchitis took a couple of weeks to get over, and the infection cleared pretty well. Unfortunately all the previous coughing, plus clearing things as I started to heal then caused Pleurisy. I think, sadly, I have weakness in this regard with my lifelong asthma. But on the plus side, I know the signs and symptoms pretty well so having stabbing chest pains didn’t require an A&E visit 😀

What has been frustrating has been the very slow pace with which the inflammation has healed. Or not healed more to the point! Since pleurisy is in effect (unless we get into pleural effusions and things) inflammation of the lining around the lung, I have had to ride it out. I did go back to the Doctors just to be sure and got the OK to carry on taking strong anti-inflammatories a lot longer than the back of packets imply safe. She also checked things out, made sure there was never any blood coughed up, etc.

I tried to train, and the pain afterwards was pretty intense again, so I had to listen to my body and stop. I was pretty fed up at the time, but my body was telling me it needed more of rest. And I do now think things are finally settling down. I’ve spent the last week doing run/walk (no lifting still) and been pleased with how that has progressed. As many of you know, I run out of necessity rather than love for it, but it’s been great to see how that has improved even in the space of a week. And any pain after the run seems to reduce each time. Sleep is no longer pain interrupted either.

So I’m looking forward to picking the bells back up next week. Might be back down at the 12kg and 14kg briefly, but I am looking forward (once my grip is back) to doing a heavier set while being able to breathe properly. The novelty value of this will be immense since I’m not sure I’ve done this in over three months now! I’m also keen to get back to prehab and stretching. As even that has been problematic 🙁

Onwards and upwards as they say!

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