Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – November 2016

geralt / Pixabay

Monthly musings time again. And in keeping with actually posting this month, I’m going to endeavour to post these summaries again too.


Good – GSU British Championships 2016

Despite a less than optimal lead up to this competition I finally hit the magic ten minutes with the 20kg bell which goes a long way towards helping me achieve my CMS goal. The mental aspects of this sport can be brutal, but knowing you can reach a duration is one of the successes in that regard.

Then, having made myself iller than I already was by competing (no, I didn’t realise this would happen otherwise I wouldn’t have!) we had an excellent night out. First with my coach and our husbands, and then with some of the other lifters and their spouses (those who had them, and were there). A mixture of painkillers and alcohol numbed the pleuritic pain. At least until the next morning!

Progress is not always a new rank at every competition. It’s training around illnesses, fighting to achieve different goals when circumstances have dictated they need to change, chipping away at the ultimate aim. My coach, Anna, really helped with a revised plan in the month before the competition which enabled me to hit the full ten minutes to. Being the Veteran Long Cycle champion was the icing on the cake and totally and utterly unexpected. Still can’t quite believe it 🙂


Bad – Being Ill

Yes, so, … Bronchitis. Nasty little thing. I suspect my immune system had been suppressed for the previous six weeks or so from an initial cold that I never actually completely recovered from. Then in taper week I needed to be in London every day Monday to Thursday. Those of you who know the South East will appreciate that while Berkshire looks close to London, commuting on the slow line (Waterloo not Paddington) as it’s the nearest to us by a long way is arduous. Commutes of a couple of hours each way was tiring, made the days a lot longer, and forced me to mix with humans instead of cats. More than likely where it all went wrong.

Still, the subsequent rest (I started back training properly this week) has probably done me a lot of good. I just wish I had felt well enough to enjoy it 😉


Meh – Catching Up From Being Ill!

After being reprimanded by the GP (well, one of those stares they do) when I admitted to not taking any time off despite struggling, I realised I needed to rest and sleep. And to recover properly. The problem is, when you are surrounded by deadlines and care about what you do, that is easier said that done. I did take two days off sick and already had one day booked in as being off. But then pretty much carried on after that. Though slowly at first.

Lots of sleeping did my body good. But I’ve subsequently had to work very hard in the last week or so with long days and working into the evenings etc. to catch up. Always a balancing act!

There’s also the house and life side of things to catch up on too – five loads of washing last weekend. Mostly as we’d almost run out of clean things 😉 Sneaking the VAT return in a day before the deadline. That sort of thing. Now I need a rest to recover from all of this…


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