I’m Back Again!

Back Again!
Back Again!

Hello, y’all!

Sorry for the hiatus. Life was just getting a little, well, in my face. And I am now old enough and wise enough to realise there are times when there is a need to strip things back to basics. Sadly, the blog didn’t make the cut while I dealt with some anxiety, started work on some new apps, kept moving, and tried not to give into illness. But I am now back again. And looking forward to posting once more.

The anxiety came about in July, through a variety of triggers/reasons. But even though I acknowledged it (half the battle) I then had to cope with it all. And, on the whole, I did. But partly through taking a step back from things. I still did some training though as I find that keeping active is a real benefit.

As loyal readers already know, I had to find new work, and while I did and I like what I’ve ended up doing and am once again lucky enough to be working with awesome people, it’s also more transition and stress. Timing!

I’ve also mostly kept up training, but it was scaled back during the later summer/early autumn so that it wasn’t an added stressor. Advice from both my kettlebell coach and my nutrition coach. So annoying when they are right 😉 Muscle tension in the back and shoulders from both training and mental health caused additional issues. And mental and physical health can be so much more linked than we realise. However, a huge positive from this is that I’ve learnt even more pre-hab and self-care. And I’ve also started to do some simple yoga.

And then over the last six weeks I’ve tried to juggle a virus that gave me a cold, laryngitis, sinusitis, laryngitis (again) and ultimately bronchitis with training and then competing at the GSU British Open 2016. Oh, and of course work, travel to London, trying to have a bit of a social life, …

Anyway, enough of my troubles 🙂 Expect a little more regular service from now, as I seem to have got back to a more normal life again.

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