Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – July 2016

geralt / Pixabay

Kept up with more than monthly musings. Still not finished the half written posts. They will appear soon. Honest 😉



Good – IUKL Long Cycle & Work

I achieved a long-held dream of representing England this year. Admittedly as a child it was to play football. Before there was a female football team (yes I’m that old, we couldn’t even play it at school 🙁 ). I thought my pinnacle would be playing for the University graduate team when doing my PhD 😉 But this year I earned my place on the England Kettlebell Team. And I got to be part of a trial which has resulted in the planned inclusion of long cycle events in major IUKL events in 2017.

Even better I won a gold medal in the First IUKL Women’s Long Cycle Trials. I was competing with the 16kg amateur weight. All lifters competed against each other regardless of body weight or age. So I’m very happy to have achieved first place with one rep off my personal best. And under some of the harshest judging I have ever experienced.

Don’t ever give up. Work consistently and amazing things can happen!



Bad – Anxiety

Oddly, given I felt totally ready for my competition set, and it went really well, my anxiety kicked in mid-month. All the stress (and time) of chasing down more work, trying to plan travel things for Latvia, complete my training with torn hands, and too many trips needed to London all got me.

As I’ve said before, I’m much better at recognising it now and did my best to handle it. On the whole, I did, but I’m not sure I completely relaxed until almost the end of our holiday after the competition. I was still able to enjoy myself as odd as that might sound. Part of handling anxiety is carrying on and not letting it win. But it still does stop you properly relaxing which can be a bit exhausting.


Oh, and on the work front, I start a new venture tomorrow working for a company who are into their fitness (apps). Hopefully, I’ll be able to reveal more over time but I’m excited to see where this goes, and what I can contribute. Or rope you lot into testing for me 😀



Meh – CMS Training

My trap seems to have calmed down, though lugging heavy backpacks around seem to upset it still. But after having a full ten days off lifting and bells, wow it hurt starting the CMS Training again! Breathing issues from sinus trouble and DOMS. Yay!

Still, I’ve started again. I managed most of my training. I haven’t upset any muscles majorly. It could be worse!



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