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Kettlebells for Mental Health – Rhi-Lay

The Kelpies

As long time blog readers will know, I’ve had my own issues, but this post covers an event being run and co-ordinated by the Forth Valley Kettlebells. They have instigated a Snatch Marathon and Rhi-Lay in order to raise funds for the Falkirk Mental Health Association. This is in memory of a team-mate who couldn’t carry on any longer and ended her own suffering a couple of years ago.

“Most of us know someone who lives with, or has previously been affected by mental health issues and it’s so important that charities that can provide a supportive service to these people are properly funded so they can continue to save lives.

Sadly, Rhiannyd is no longer with us, but in her memory we are taking on this kettlebell challenge. I think it’s a really nice mix of testing physical strength to promote the mental strength those who live with mental health issues demonstrate every day.

We’d like to raise £2000 for the FDAMH and are almost halfway to that target, so any donations people want to make will be very gratefully received.”

Niall MacKinnon

I think there is also a lot of mental strength in doing marathon lifts, never mind the physical aspect. Keeping going when the brain says “nope” is a right old battle! There is also the Rhi-Lay (relay 😉 ) if you wanted to do it with several other people. My trap is still too flaky to commit to this (I’m just about keeping up with my own training) but I will be donating and urge you to do so as well.

I’m very grateful that I’ve never been in that position in my struggles, but I think this is a fantastic way to increase awareness. And at a public location like The Kelpies. It’s a fun way to raise money and spend time with other Kettlebell lifters. Please do get involved if you can! It all helps. Spectators are welcome, as are lifters elsewhere in the world. Just ping Niall to say you are going to be lifting as well 🙂


News Links

This has received some good press coverage already STV News, Alloa Advertiser, and Falkirk Herald. Let’s hope for some more when the event runs!



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