Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – June 2016

geralt / Pixabay

I managed some posts other than monthly musings this month! Go me 😀 Not only that but I also have several draft posts partly written for July. I know, I’m shocked too.



Good – Friends

I celebrated a special birthday this month, and decided on a whim, since I’m a quiet person, to have a get together for friends and family at a local pub where we could reserve a room. I was exhausted by the end of it, but I really enjoyed getting to catch up with everyone that was able to make it.

It’s hard sometimes to keep up with everyone when various commitments get in the way of plans, and I was grateful that everyone made the time to come and help me celebrate. I’ve also still got a theatre visit date with the hubby to look forward to as well so spinning out the fun 🙂

I’ve also realised that people I’ve worked with over almost the last year would leave a hole, even if I’ve never met them in person (see Bad for more details). It turns out you can make friends with people over common interests, views, and outlooks wherever you both may be in the world. Now that has to be a fantastic plus to the technological world we now live in!


Bad – Work

As some of you may know, I work at own my company Moggy Tech. Unfortunately, this month my largest contract with a US agency was ended early. There were some good reasons behind it, none of which were my performance before anyone suggests it! Aside from the unwanted stress right now of looking for something to plug the hole before competing in Latvia, the biggest loss to me is the developer community there. I’ve made friends, even with working remotely in a different time zone, and learnt so much from them. I’m pleased that moves to keep people in contact are currently working out OK, as I definitely felt that potential loss the most.

On a related note, does anyone need an app developing?! 😉


Meh – Injuries

For some reason, as mentioned in CMS Update 15, I was afflicted by a very tense trapezius mid-month. Almost overnight (though with hindsight there were a few indications) my right trapezius pretty much seized up. This may sound comical, but I can assure you it hurts too much to be funny. The tense muscles cause referred pain in the shoulder, and in my case started to pull on my lats and other nearby muscles. Massage got me going again but it took a good while for the muscles to calm down. I’d say that even a few days ago I was still having to administer trigger point release to myself.

Though I do wonder, having had a couple of great training sessions since if the rest did me good…


Addendum – Brexit

I couldn’t let the Brexit pass without comment, though I shall keep most of my views to myself. But relating to Good above, I’ve been lucky enough to work with, train with, and compete against people of many nationalities. I’ve travelled to other countries to do this, and people have visited, or become nationalised here in the UK. We live in a global society now, and I for one love that I can interact with so many people, cultures, and views. I want to continue to be able to do that regardless of what larger organisations my country does or does not belong to.



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