CMS Training Update #15

Moko Supervising Training - C. Knight / krider

The 20kg CMS training kicked back in straight after Russia with the 2016 GSU English Open. I registered to compete with the 20kg bell in order to get competing minutes/time on the platform with the heavy bell even though all my training had been focused on the 16kg bell. I wanted a few more reps than I managed (60 in eight minutes) but I was very pleased with how long I lasted and how I’d started the set. Additionally, the extra 4kg pressing on my forearm didn’t cause me any major issues – also a bonus.

From here my coach sorted out a new plan with a mix of 16kg and 20kg focus. I want to target another 20kg set in September, but I have to use the 16kg bell in Latvia in July as I qualified with that when we thought only 16kg and 24kg bells would be permitted. It started off badly, improved massively, and then had a bit of a hitch…

The first session after The Northwich competition was almost a complete write-off. I tried to hit the pace requested of me and gave up. Three times! And this was with the 16kg bell. I’m very conscious of being healthy to help my asthma have little impact on me, but I just could not get the air in. At all. It hadn’t been that bad otherwise, but the pollen count had been high so that could have played a part.

That said the next couple of sessions went really well. So who knows. Could have been the body rebelling at all the lifting and travelling?!

Then, a day after becoming a veteran (yeah, really!) my right trapezius basically seized up. There were contributing factors, including some aching, poor sleep/pillow in Northwich, etc. but almost overnight even lying down hurt! Referred pain along the collar bone. Inability to move properly. And unintentionally and unawares holding myself taught.

I have a good relationship with a sports masseur so I managed to get an appointment that day with her for 30 minutes to start to loosen it. And some stretches to do. Then forty-eight hours later I had a full hour of her working on loosening everything up. Oh, my! The pain! I’m pretty resilient in this regard as my body takes a lot of punishment which I know benefits from being fixed. But that was something else. Painkillers, rest, and recovery over the next seventy-two hours were worth the end result, though I may not have said that at the time ;). It’s still not right, but lifting is not making it worse, and I’ve learned new techniques for freeing yet more new (to me) trigger points.

At least training this week has been on point. Both volume and pacing. And I’ve been walking a lot to keep active without causing more issues. Active recovery if you will. Apart from a bashed elbow, because keeping limiting to finish the set is important, never mind the blood 🙂

Let’s hope the rest of the run up to Latvia is a little smoother! And that the migration to the heavier bells is without major issues. Today’s 5 minute set with the 20kg bell went pretty smoothly in terms of muscles, breathing, and attitude so onwards and upwards!


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