CMS Training Update #14

White Nights Platforms - C. Knight / krider

This update takes a different turn, due to the opportunity I had to compete in the White Nights Grand Prix (post forthcoming!). Unlike GSU and OKSE, it is possible to gain CMS with the 16kg bell in women’s long cycle under the KetAcademy rankings. Additionally, the reps required differ to the previous two organisations, even when comparing the same bell weights. It’s a world of fun trying to manoeuvre these things sometimes!


CMS Training

Training had been going OK even through to Easter, but then I had some real performance issues. My nutrition coach (Nicky Danks), who has been helping me with some body composition goals, programmed some refeed days into each week. These did work, but due to my carb depleted state, took a couple of weeks to kick in. It was interesting just how badly it affected me; Anna (my coach) on reviewing my training videos said it looked like there was just no power in my hip drive. Which articulated it pretty well.

Once I’d got this sorted out, training picked back up and things felt so much better. It’s frustrating not being able to complete the required duration or reps. But there is a lot of difference between just giving up when it gets hard, and putting the bell down before you drop it on yourself and do some damage! I even managed to give myself a blood blister from friction in the palm of the hand. I don’t think I’d had one of those for years! The odd normal blister maybe, but that was interesting to lift on once I’d (surgically of course 😉 ) attacked it.

As I started to be better fuelled, I did have to grind out some sets, but then hit the sweet spot of either fast paced or strong sets. The battle was definitely worth it.

I also upped the frequency of my sports massages. I could tell I wasn’t recovering as well as I used to, even before I ran out of energy. I kept this up afterwards as even on the shorter durations my muscles were already tired. A lot of desk time, even with a standing desk, probably didn’t help either.


KetAcademy Success

As those of you who know me already know, I was able to get a massive (competition) PB at the competition in Saint Petersburg. It was also an all time PB. I got 124 reps in the ten minutes. Whilst I came second, the fact I reached my CMS ranking numbers was the most important thing to me. I needed 120kg for my weight category and my previous competition best was 114kg. I had hit 120-123 a couple of times in test sets for training but with poor form. If the Russian judges were happy, I was more than happy 🙂

The medal was pretty awesome too. 3D with an engraved back.


Pull ups

I’ve also been working on my goal of pull-ups. Even when I lacked stamina and energy I was trying to do one or two a couple of times a day. I managed to get a PB there too during this training cycle. 5 clean, proper, dead hang, pull-ups. I’m now using a (thin) band again to allow my body to get used to a greater a number of reps. Half way to my goal of 10 🙂

Better not mention the handstands, though! There really is not enough time in the day.


Next Steps

I’m still pursuing CMS with the 20kg. I’m on the platform again tomorrow, just a week after lifting in Russia, but I’m going to see where I am with the 20kg bell. I’ve maxed out at six minutes in training recently as the focus has been on the pace required for the 16kg bell and hitting 120 reps. It will be a surprise to everyone what I manage to achieve tomorrow. Myself included 😀



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