Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – May 2016

geralt / Pixabay

Monthly musings comes around again, and I’ve yet again failed to post mid month. Any chance of more hours in the day? I could rattle something off, but prefer to think about what I am posting. A lack of time means that gets to tricky. After this month I have some great ideas for posts though. Just need to get them written!



Good – Saint Petersburg (Санкт-Петербу́рг)

A trip to this Russian city was eye opening, awesome, and successful by turn. It is nothing like the Russia that UK media has led me to expect, and I (and the hubby) fell in love with the place. And I got to compete in Long Cycle in the world home of kettlebells. And not only that, but I achieved CMS ranking in the ketacadamy tables with the 16kg bell!

It made a nice city break too. Lots of exploring done, and new food and drink tried.

It was also good to catch up with some of the Scottish lifters, and to meet Socttish and Russian people I’d only previously “known” online.



Bad – Nothing

Other than time running away with me (as usual at the moment it seems), it’s been a pretty decent month. Though the screeching child nearby, as I write this in Stockholm airport, is challenging my current view on that 😉



Meh – Working like a frightened idiot

I often quote this Dilbert cartoon, but it seems to sum up recent workloads. Lots of deadlines requiring intense and focused work. Which is draining. I’m pleased with what I delivered as I know it was to the best of my ability in the time available, but it meant some training sessions were a grind. Still, grinding them out may have been a useful exercise anyway. Teaching me to get the lifts done even in less than ideal circumstances.

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