Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – April 2016

geralt / Pixabay

Can someone give me back 2016? It seems to be disappearing from underneath me. Monthly musings for April already?!



Good – Ploughing my own Furrow

I’ve realised, this month more than ever, that I love my current working and training environment. I would not be able to fit my training in with this much work without having the ability to work remotely. I can fit sensible food choices in a lot easier than eating out. I have the flexibility to train when it fits in with the rest of my day. And I get cats amusing me in training sets when the going gets tough 🙂

Remote working certainly isn’t for everyone, but it’s working so well for me now. I think the more experienced you are, and certain personalities, suit it best. I’ve wanted to represent England since I realised that I could with kettlebells and now I’m training for that to happen. A job with a long commute would make that impossible.

I have an online support network, as well as the community where I am working. I’m learning new skills (technical, not just bells!), working with some awesome people, contributing to a product, and able to fit everything in. Employers – consider this kind of thing more if you truly want to support your employees.




Bad – Deadlines

First world problems and all that. But whilst deadlines might seem like a bad thing, getting releases out is a good thing may mean some less stressful times coming up. Can I have a holiday, please?



Meh – Lack of Energy

I have no idea if it is just diet, or also stress related, but I’ve struggled with energy recently. I’m taking steps to deal with it. Involving food, mindfulness, walking, and related things 😀 But it’s frustrating when it interferes with training sets. It’s also a weird sensation when you have no power in your usual moves, despite breathing, heart rate, etc. feeling all OK. Actually, my heart rate has been lower; I’ve been unable to push it up to achieve the training goals.

I even managed to give myself a blood blister after one session. I’ve not had one of those in a long time. The odd callous tear or normal blister sure, but not a blood one.

Ah well. All the food if nothing else works. Making weight for competitions? Pah! 😉




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