Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – March 2016

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Monthly Musings for March coming right up! On time (just) once more 🙂



Good – Solid Competition Performance

I always get nervous before competitions. And I have an expectation on myself (from myself) which often means I end up disappointed. However, I have to admit to being pleased with my set in Harrogate at the start of the month. It was nothing spectacular in terms of either weight lifted or reps achieved. But it was solid, had good technique, consistently paced, and was judged to international standards (thanks, judge!) as I was aiming for qualification.

I may have lifted a few more reps, once, or lifted heavier (though far fewer reps), but this was a good consistent set. It also shows my training has been paying off, even if I have had to miss chunks of it with various issues.



Bad – Niggles

Niggles are something of a first world complaint. But they are frustrating. I solve one thing, and something else becomes a bit tweaky. It’s just annoying right now with competition plans very much in focus. Still, an awesome sports masseur, some taping skillz (my own with youtube’s assistance 😉 ), and limiting some aspects of GPP should see me right.



Meh – Long Cycle Politics

It seems the world of kettlebell sport has more politics than House of Cards! Russians being ejected from national teams, arguments over single and double bells, USA competitions striding out alone…

It’s hard sometimes to keep going in pushing forward long cycle lifting (with the assistance of one of the OKSE team). Female (single arm) long cycle is only allowed at Grand Prix events (concerning IUKL events) right now, yet, there is at least one event in that series, in the States that seems to be double bells only. Despite the IUKL listing single arm long cycle as an option. As someone who cannot compete at the Worlds or Europeans as a female long cycle lifter, having these other options made unavailable to me is even more frustrating than the IUKL’s refusal to move with the times.

Maybe long term double bells for all will be the way forward. But until then, and while the ranking tables are focused on single arm long cycle for females, please can we join forces to get it recognised at a world level? Then fight for proper equality by all means. It sometimes feels like I’m on a treadmill that never ends in trying to compete in a lift I love beyond the UK!



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