Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – February 2016

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I’m late again 🙁 I need to get better at this. I genuinely cannot believe it is already March, so here are February’s monthly musings.



Good – Successful Rehab, Training, Work

I’ve not had it plain sailing in training this month. Aside from the tendonitis (see Meh) I also had a couple of rubbish sessions. One where I completely lacked energy. It wasn’t cardio/stamina; there was just nothing to give. Probably too long sat with my MacBook :-/

Aside from that, though, I’ve sought feedback on my training sets from my coach on specific things she wanted me to work on and the last set I did (technically the 2nd March, let’s not split hairs!) she said I’d made a good improvement in all areas.

Work has been going OK, even if I’ve been flat out. But that’s a side effect of self-employment sometimes.




Bad – Nothing Much

A lack of time is my own fault so I can’t complain 😉 Second monthly musings in a row where this applies. Go me! Or go the universe. One of the two.



Meh – Tendonitis

So I managed to give myself tendonitis! Probably whilst snowboarding. I did the first week of training once back from Whistler, but ended up enduring constant ankle aching. With added pain (or retrigger the aching) if I put weight on my right leg. I finally realised it wasn’t just the dodgy ankle playing up and that I’d done something so popped to the physio where I got the diagnosis.

Thankfully ultrasound and mega-pulse work wonders, along with release massage (OMFG, how painful?!) so after a couple of sessions I was cleared to start training the next week if my rehab exercises hadn’t caused further issues. Thankfully they didn’t. I’m also so used to these things I own my own wobble board… Once again it proved useful!


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