CMS Training Update #13

DS-Foto / Pixabay

A much-needed update on my CMS training, especially since I’ve recently upped the amount of work I do with the 20kg bell again. And prompted by a friend, because I’ve been busy, and this was on the back burner. Wrongly! Slaps self on the hand.

I recently competed at the OKSE English Kettlebell Championship 2016. A post on that will arrive once I get some things ironed out (admin wise) from OKSE! This was with the 16kg bell (as that is used for amateurs and I needed to try and qualify with the bell weight I would then compete with) and I’m happy I put in a solid set with no no-counts. I’d have liked a few more reps but I was waiting for a counter that got a bit sticky. But also, it was a steady set on consistent pace so I’m happy. And I definitely know that trying to go pro with the 24kg bell would have been silly!

I’ve been doing a lot of volume work with the 16kg and 12kg bells at the direction of my coach, and although my preparation was hindered by tendonitis, it served me well. It has also translated into being OK for short durations with the 20kg bell now I’m back with it. It’s still damn heavy, though!

I need to get back to working my shoulders and upper body to ensure stability overhead, but I seem to have a left deltoid niggle over the last few days. Working on calming that down first. Taping has helped a lot over the last 48 hours. It’s clear that correctly cleaning and jerking should not be pulling the bell up as when I do it correctly there is no pain in my normal training other than overhead going into the lower. When I do it badly I can feel it on the way up too!

My cardio is coming back slowly after the enforced activity restriction, but I really should be doing more running. Yeah, so motivation for that is, … 😉 I will get back to it, though. It’s necessary. Because the big purple bastard (as the 20kg bell is often known) is a hard task master.

Despite life conspiring against me sometimes, I’ve managed to do all my training since the competition and hit the necessary reps. Sometimes on the lower bound of required reps, but hit nonetheless! Having my kettlebell training planned for me is still very helpful. I know that given how busy I am right now I would let it slip otherwise. Having support is really vital, and even posting videos and having some banter about them helps.

Onwards and upwards with the CMS training, and I hope to post an update in a few weeks where I’ve safely done more 20kg work, and progressed beyond two proper pull-ups immediately after a lifting session. Since my all time pull-up PB isn’t much higher that last one might be a tall ask but I’m going to give it a right good try.

I also hope to write up details of the OKSE competition very soon. As soon as the admin is sorted I’ll be on it!


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