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Having Fun - Last Afternoon of Snowboard Camp
Having Fun - Last Afternoon of Snowboard Camp - C. Knight / krider

I wrote this when I should have been sleeping. But for some reason it was eluding me; transatlantic flights heading east are not usually my friend. I (we) were on the way back from an awesome snowboarding trip to Whistler. Having fun and improving our skills at the same time. Reality beckons, as does a return to regular training. I may even be looking forward to it 😉 And of course being able to hug a cat. After the customer verbal abuse from them for having the audacity to go away of course.

Having the opportunity to be active most of the day for as many days as we have been is refreshing when my regular routine includes eight hours (or more) behind a desk. However, that is not sustainable. Unless there is a lottery win somewhere! (Hello National Lottery, I’ve been well behaved. Mostly *ahem*.) That said, my lower body is complaining a little, and my upper body feels very ready for lifting again.

I did manage to get in one set while out here, as Whistler Core has both competition kettlebells and day passes. But it was only a lighter weight as I’d forgotten my wrist guards. And they had shiny handles on the bells, with no concept of sanding and chalking them. Their kettlebell area also had a posh looking floor so that flinging a heavy weight across it might not have gone down too well. As a consequence, I was very concerned about grip. But I hit good reps per minute, lasted ten minutes one more, and all this with a head cold.

Even though I’ve been doing mostly lower body/cardio, eating and drinking things that are not necessarily conducive to the best training or recovery (Poutine is a tasty treat), I don’t feel like I’ve regressed much. That adage of a change is as good as a rest sure is true. I’ve been active, had fun, relaxed, collected the odd bruise or two, and experienced new things. Life has been good essentially. And I’ve been able to see and feel the wonders of nature. Enjoying life is a crucial part of things as well as training. And improving my snowboarding is an achievement. It’s like the bells; when it feels good, it feels awesome.

Perhaps sometimes we get so head down in training plans, and sessions, that we forget to enjoy the process too. The here and now is as important as the end goal. Having bad days is part of the process. But also having positive reinforcement on the things you’ve done well is a great motivator. And having a deload week when you don’t lift (as much) can be a tremendous benefit.

Listen to your body, not your mind, and you’ll know when there is a real benefit to resting or mixing up your activities. And counter to that when your brain just needs to be told to shut up. And on days when you are not feeling it, crack on, get something done, and take positives from at least getting some practice done. I’ve seen real improvement on the board in the last couple of weeks like this. And on the bells between Christmas and going away.

I had some snowboard tuition out here via a women’s camp; Showcase Snowboard camp. My instructor, while young, had many years of boarding under her belt. But she also was fantastic at constructive feedback, coming up with various cues to get an idea across, and praising even small improvements. She also instilled the concept of having fun.


Her attitude is so right, and I’m glad she reminded me of this during those two days of tuition. I’m going to try and apply that to my activities going forward as it makes a huge difference. Mindset is an often forgotten, and neglected, aspect of the whole process.

So go, have fun!


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