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Refocusing: Qualification and CMS

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I’ve already mentioned my new training plan, but I thought I’d cover it a bit more here as it ties in with some of my goals. I am still chipping away at the CMS, but I would also love one day to represent England. To do that, I need for (English) female athletes to be officially allowed to compete in Long Cycle on the European and World stages. I also need to qualify!

Which brings me to the first aim for 2016; qualification for the English team should there be a late decision for events during the year. I am not going to be able to get the required tank for professional lifters as that is with the 24kg bell. There is no semi-professional (20kg) competition on a world level. So I am going to try to qualify as an amateur with the 16kg bell. I already have rank one with this bell but not in a qualifying competition.

So for my first event of 2016, the OKSE English Championships 2016 in Harrogate, I shall be competing with the 16kg bell. I will then be returning to the 20kg bell after that in an attempt to find the missing sixteen reps I need for CMS. Training so far is being done with a mix of 20/18/16/12kg bells, so I do not just have an easy ride of it 🙂

The fact the volume went up, including of heavy cleans, caused this last week 🙁

Re-Ripped Hand - C. Knight / krider

Re-Ripped Hand – C. Knight / krider

First time it has happened in a long while, but very frustrating. Having to do a test set two days after the initial tear didn’t help which led to this mess. Still, snowboarding has given the palm a chance to heal, though I did get a sneaky set done today at Whistler Core (a great little place with weights, competition kettlebells, cardio machines, and a climbing wall).

To be able to keep up the volume of three longer kettlebell sessions a week I’ve dropped the amount of barbell type strength work I do. In all honesty, I’m not missing it at the moment, as having had a great chat with Anna (my coach) to work out the plan for this year I’m fired up to keep going on those goals regardless of a lack of support from the IUKL. Who seem to think women can only do snatch. Despite a large number of women in the UK (and the US) I know who do amazing things in Long Cycle lifting.

I shall return to some squatting, and some cable work for my shoulders once I’ve built my rack (so, yes, that arrived in separate deliveries, and took it’s time – long story), but that will all be accessory to the bell work for now. Qualification and CMS are the current priorities.

Down (briefly), but not out. Back up, and ready to be at ’em. I will get there in the end! 🙂

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