CMS Training Update #12

PB Aftermath - T. MacFarlane / krider

A very overdue post on my CMS training. I didn’t abandon the training or the goal. I promise! It did, however, have a little bit of a back seat in December for a variety of reasons. That said I did a test set on 23rd December for my coach with the 16kg and was only nine reps off my competition and all time PB with that weight having not touched bells for at least a fortnight, if not closer to a month. So something is sticking in the old grey matter, and in the mind-muscle connection.

Another thing that got in the way somewhat from October to December was my inability to run. I don’t mean I’d forgotten how! Honest! I had real issues with my right ITB, to the extent even a couple of kilometres would render me limping for the next 24-36 hours. Physio and sports massage (and not running!) have finally sorted me out and last week I managed three small runs, gradually building back up to the duration I was doing for training runs. No intervals yet – let’s not break myself when I’ve only just restarted 😉 I could squat (heavy) with no issues, but running even short distances caused me a lot of hip pain. It turned out to be ITB issues affecting my TFL (tensor fascia fasciae). I can only think it was overuse inflammation from the running, lifting, and cycling. And perhaps not enough self-care. Back to regular sports massages and foam rolling now. Lesson learned.

I did get some cardio from the bike in this time. We spent some time in Swinley Forest, took part in an Evans off-road ride (which was a bit tedious to be honest), and then went with friends to Bike Park Wales. Which was a lot less scary than I’d imagined in the end 🙂 It’s not my focus, but I’m enjoying being able to mix things up with mountain biking as well as road biking.

Strength work went amazingly well; so much so it became my focus. Mostly because I could. And I’d gotten into a good ramp up with it again working on three-day full body workouts, increasing weights weekly. Heavy, light, and medium days each week based around squat, push, pull, accessory work, and ending with abs/grip. I’m going to cover that separately. PBs should be celebrated 🙂

Going back now to the end of September, I took part in the Box Bell Fit Autumn competition. And I am incredibly pleased to say I hit my desired numbers, and managed to get a time and reps PB. And also managed to give myself hand cramp in the process.

I have to thank Hannah for urging the later reps out of me and telling me I was looking OK and not to give in. It helped so much. The 20kg bell is a heavy beast when you get tired. Think about it, it is heavy regardless, it just feels even worse when tired 😉 But I surpassed my previous 8 minutes from several training sessions and got pretty much nine and a half minutes. And I got to 80 reps, with good solid reps. I was extremely happy! And I thanked Hannah as all good KB lifters do – with a sweaty hug 😉

These numbers and time bolstered my confidence, and meant for a couple of months I was happy focusing on keeping that going alongside the strength work. But it, as already mentioned, tailed off in December. I got very disheartened with the IUKL over competitive Long Cycle for women on a European and World stage. The gym was refurbed throwing my routine out. I mostly I just had a little sulk.

Thanks to an extremely useful and positive chat with Anna just before Christmas I am on a new plan of kettlebells three times a week which has been going well since the 30th December. I’ll cover that in the future, though, as I think this post is long enough for now.



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