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Bucking the Trend – New Year, Quit the Gym!

RogerioBeatz / Pixabay

It’s January. Which means my Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of people detoxing, cleansing, doing #dryanuary (I still maintain #tryanuary is more fun), running all the time, joining classes and gyms, and going, if you’ll excuse the colloquialism, balls to the wall once in the gym. Me? I’ve just quit my gym! Nothing like being different and bucking the trend, but then I’ve always been a bit like that 😉

I mentioned in my December Musings that I’d been disappointed with the place where I’d been doing my strength training. Seriously, if you are going to refurb something, just shut the whole thing down and get on with it. Instead of dragging it out and leaving me without power racks for ten days. It would have been OK if I’d wanted to pump (ahem) out lots of bicep curls, or do a group cardio class. If things are completely shut down it’s fairer on everyone as all stuff is equally off limits. Also, it’s likely to make it easier to crack on with the work if you don’t need to have to do it around gym users. In addition, the commute time to the gym was getting a bit silly as I now work from home. This was OK for a while but now adds to the decision to move on.

I’ve used several gym passes to try out various other local places. Most of which have poor facilities when you consider power racks and lifting platforms. So I decided to bite the bullet. JFDI as the cool kids say. I’ve emailed today as written confirmation of cancelling my membership and I’m replacing my squat stands (with spotters, really nice kit, available for a good price!) with a rack. I can do the bulk (hah!) of my strength work at home and fit it in better with my new working arrangement and my kettlebell training. I also plan to build some kind of flooring to go with it to make it easier to do my deadlifts without incurring hubby wrath about the floor. Marital harmony is definitely a good thing. I’m going to also look to get an Olympic bar (I have several standard 1″ right now) and some rubber bumper plates. Please let me know of any awesome deals. Coloured plates would be nice…

The rack is estimated to arrive tomorrow so I can get some cardio done setting it all up. If there are no further posts you may assume I failed in constructing it and dropped a barbell on myself 😀


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