Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – November 2015

geralt / Pixabay

I know, I’m late again 🙁 Life has been so manic lately. But given the gym enforced a deload this week (refurb with some disruption apparently means all power racks are unavailable for 9 days…) I’ve grabbed some time to write some monthly musings for you.


Good – Life in General

I may not have had time to write posts, but I’ve been (mostly) having fun, training hard, sort of eating well (couple of treats because, well, I was in the Lakes!), and making use of my remote working capability for us to spend a week in the Lake District working from there.

I’ve discovered band training with some decent bands, which meant I got some portable workouts in whilst in the Lakes, as well as the mountain biking. And I’ve hit some deadlift and squat PBs. Deadlift PB without straps, though not yet all time PB. And Squats for volume on 5×5.


Bad – Kettlebell Training

I’ll be honest here; it’s sucked a bit from not actually being motivated to do it. The recent World Championships didn’t really help either. Supporting my coach, and seeing her get a mega PB, and lifters I know well succeed on the world stage was awesome. Most especially for Anna, even if the live feed died as she was lifting 🙁 But it demotivated me knowing that as a long cycler that I can’t ever focus on getting to that event. Well not without a rule change which doesn’t seem forthcoming right now.

The ongoing debates over one or two bells (which yet again surfaced) I find tedious now. Mostly because until there are rule changes on competition events, or ranking, then I’m not interested. I want to lift to attain goals. PBs on route to ranking levels, or doing well in competitions. Without that as a driver, there is not the same motivation for me.


Meh – Admin

The joys of running your own company, filing VAT returns, sorting out things for a personal tax return, and trying to do accounts with dollar and pound amounts and reconciling the dollar invoices to pounds in the bank account, less the hefty conversion the banks decide to take.

That said I’m really loving my current role, so I’ll take the meh side of it too 🙂




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