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Monthly Musings – December 2015

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So it’s the last day of 2015! So to celebrate here are the last monthly musings of the year on time. I shall endeavour to keep to this going forward too. I’d also like to wish you all a very happy and healthy new year, and I hope that 2016 brings you lots of PBs in both lifting and life.


Good – Awesome Training

This really deserves a couple of specific posts, but for now, let’s just say compound lift PBs and the start of the March kettlebell competition training plan, with goals for June too 🙂

I’ve loved doing the heavy work and progressing my strength and power even if not my endurance. To clarify it is perfectly safe to squat three times a week if you manage the volume through both reps and weight. I’m still a fan of the three-day full body plans, and I’ve coped well with an intermediate high/low/medium volume split.

The new kettlebell plan involved a test set on 23rd December, and then started yesterday. Another two sessions to come this week though they will, of course, be in 2016 😉


Bad – Anxiety

I had a few days in the early/middle parts of the month where I was feeling anxious for no real reason. Well, there were a few stressors, and it seems in combination they decided to trigger the anxiety! It’s one of the things that still happens. But this time, I’m proud that I acknowledged it which meant that it disappeared a lot quicker. And more to the point I refused to give in to it completely and worked around it. Go me!


Meh – Gyms

I do my strength training at a separate place to the kettlebells, and where I’ve been going was closer to where I used to work than home. The journey time is getting a little annoying, but on my whoring of free gym passes to try places out, I’ve found nowhere closer than compares in terms of power racks and lifting platforms 🙁 For now I think I’ll stick with it.

To irritate me further the main gym had a refurb lasting over a week mid-month where minor disruption actually meant no power racks for the whole time. I’m not impressed, or with their refusal to acknowledge my complaint. The horror on the face of one of the reception girls faces when I suggested how about they can the cardio class to let them work 100% on the gym… :pAnyone want to start a cool facility near here please?

Does anyone want to start a cool facility near here, please?!


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