Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – October 2015

geralt / Pixabay

Erm, monthly musings. Two days late… *slaps self on hand with ruler*

Contrary to reports, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Internet (or the Eiger!). I am around, I have been training, work has been going well, we’ve had a social life. And er, there was a distinct lack of blog time. Sorry readers!

However, I did manage to share a few things on my Facebook Page in this time. So why not pop over and give that a like as well. Can’t beat some bonus content 😉


Good – Most Things!

As I said above, we’ve been busy. In a good way. I’ve been happy with my training, and my nutrition has been more on track this month too. That said, I am still allowing myself some leeway with no weigh-ins due, and some heavy lifting going on. A few drinks with the hubby is always nice. And given I’m upping weights on the big lifts my body definitely need fueling. There have been some interesting DOMs this month…


Bad – Me!

I’m sorry for the lack of updates here. I do have a bunch of things to write about. Some good CMS progress from late September and some good strength progress since. But learning new technology things, and the new role, for this contract, has been quite tiring. And I hate putting out half thought through blog posts. So I haven’t.

This is a hobby, so no-one pays me for doing it, but I enjoy doing it (on the whole 😉 ) and will take some of the time next week’s deload offers to get some more posts scheduled.


Meh – Contract Employment!

It’s the nature of contracts sadly, not what I am doing.

I love the role I have at the moment. I’m really enjoying working from home with the flexibility that entails. I get on with my remote team members (so far as I can work out!). I’ve learnt so much more Swift (a language used when developing iOS and Mac apps) than in the previous year. I’m being challenged, but in a good way, and enjoying the work. I just worry about it ending 🙁

I’m definitely going to be looking for another remote role though if the need to look arises. The UK-US timezones work pretty well to be honest. Gym (or chilling) and focused work in the mornings, meetings lunchtime onwards if needed. The odd evening on a call, or doing a bit of code. Turns out it makes me quite productive.



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