CMS Training Update #11

Koch/Castillo / Flickr

I’ve thought for a few days that I should let you know about the current status of my CMS training. So, handily, here is an update 😉

I’ve ensured that I have at least two cardio sessions a week, but since the last update that has generally only been made up of one run. The other has either been cycling, snowboarding, boxing, or several of those. The cycling has either been in the form of longer distance road rides, or shorter (in terms of distance) mountain bike routes but with much more ascent/descent. I’ve loved this mix of activities and as a consequence have probably done more. It’s been a decently active month according to my various Polar stats. First goal from the previous post on CMS training has been accomplished. Level up?!

My strength work has fallen into a nice routine of some compound work at the start, followed by more focused isolation work, then abs. I love the mix up from the last plan, whilst still ensuring I work myself hard. I’m also able to do supersets with the isolation work, thereby keeping my heart rate elevated and getting a further benefit. I’m happy that my strength is back to where it was earlier in the summer. So another goal from that last CMS training update achieved. Do I get to level up yet?

I finally feel I’m seeing the grip work I’ve done (and am doing) during my strength work paying off when doing my kettlebell sets. I’m not going to claim that holding a heavy bell for a long period is easy. But I’ve managed two longer sets in this training period. Of course, quad and cardio endurance, and shoulder stability are important too the longer the set goes on, but I least I don’t always feel like I’m about to fling the bell across the room now 🙂

I’m working on long cycle volume with the 20kg bell. I’m doing very little with lighter weights. I need my mind and body to cope with that weight. Doing longer and/or faster sets with lighter bells was not helping me to improve this at all. I know this deviates from standard training plans. But I need to do what works for me. So far, based on four weeks of data, doing this is helping. I’ve managed to achieve two eight minute sets. I’d not even done that before Darlington. I’m also regularly hitting ten reps a minute every time I do a four-minute set, and getting close on six-minute sets. I do still have to drop the pace a little to last eight minutes, but I feel that lifting four times a week is really helping. Even if one of those days is a minute an arm with the heavy bell.

My forearms are bruised from all the heavy bell work while only using the KettleGuards but they are definitely adapting. I can cope much better even when lifting on consecutive days. Though I do seem to be developing a thickening on the arm where the bell rests!

So the third goal of this training period is in progress. Maybe level up after that is conquered… 😉

The focus for the next two weeks is to ensure my weight is OK for the weigh in at the Box Bell Fit Autumn competition, and to keep doing what I’m doing in my training. I can then see where I’m at during the actual event.


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