Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – August 2015

geralt / Pixabay

August has been a pretty good month all told. The usual monthly musings reveal all…


Good – Activity

It’s been a very active month. With a lot of variety, and hanging out with friends as we did a lot of it 🙂

My strength sessions in the gym are always solo. I prefer it that way. Not only is it headspace time, but it also allows me to focus on form as well as count reps. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy gym time with mates, but that needs to be extra sessions for me. They are play sessions!

However snowboarding, road cycling, and mountain biking, can all be enjoyed with people. And we have done! I’ve ever found that proper mountain biking can indeed be fun. I’ve enjoyed exploring all these new ways of being active and getting more cardio done without feeling like I have to go for a run.

We’ve also done a fair amount of socialising which has been fun. Tried a few new restaurants, and got to catch up with people and have some fun.


Bad – Zilch

It’s been a great month all told. Sure, busy, but I’ve loved being able to be active and ensure life was the focus of the month. I’ve also taken some further steps towards my goals (training and professional) which has added to there being zero in the bad section of these musings 🙂


Meh – Lack of Time

Partly related to the good this month, and also the good of last month, I’ve felt a bit pressed for time sometimes this month. I’ve done some more studying (and passed both assignments – yay!), but that took time. I’ve sorted out some junk at home, tried to be vaguely domestic, etc. as well as training, working and doing things via Moggy Tech.

I have to say the lie in I managed to get this morning was very welcome, and much needed. It’s also good to sleep for recovery from all the training I do!



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