CMS Training Update #10

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After a couple of weeks of fun, both in and outside the gym, this week marked the return to serious training once more. For those of you who were waiting patiently, here is the next CMS training update.

I’ve planned out my usual strength work. A little differently to normal with a bit more accessory work and a bit less compound work. Though the squats and deadlifts remain as I feel that both are a substantial carry over to Kettlebell Sport. Two of these workouts completed this week at the time of writing. And hello DOMS! 🙂

I’ve also decided to drop one run session (now aiming for a couple a week) and to do more long cycle practice instead. Just to make matters harder for myself, I’ve also decided to start using my KettleGuard wrist wraps. These are thinner than the ones from WKC that I had been using, so there is quite a lot of forearm bruising right now. I’ve transitioned now in the very slim hope that long cycle is included in the World Championships next year (2016). I will only be able to use the shorter KettleGuard ones there. Additionally I wanted to address the problem I had in Darlington (and some training sessions if I’m honest). My pisiform bone was causing a lot of pain under the guard as I couldn’t get said guard in a position to both avoid it and protect the rest of my arm. Last week I used the 16kg and 18kg bells (and some 12kg volume stuff) and while sore, was OK. Then this week (so far) I’ve done two shorter sets with the 20kg and survived. Though not unscathed 😀 Another couple of sets at least to come.

I’ve tweaked the drop from the rack position back into the start of the clean after feedback from my coach. Though this still needs work. I keep forgetting. Sorry, Anna! I’ve also tried to take on board the pointers I was given in the North East about ensuring there is enough back swing and to be more relaxed with that part of it. It is far easier when I’m not as fatigued; i.e. earlier in a set.

The training between now and the next couple of competitions (currently planned for September and October) focuses on three things; Firstly restoring my overall strength. I’ve lost a bit through being lazy (or having a deload!). Bringing cardio back up to standard, as my run today felt hard though this should just come with running again. And last but very much not least, to then get my body used to an increased volume of heavy long cycle lifting. Four times a week minimum is the plan. Though varying set lengths. I can’t keep banging out long sets all the time and recover properly.


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