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Cardio Fun!

Hire Bike - C. Knight / krider

Cardio doesn’t have to be boring. In fact having fun doing cardio is the best way to be motivated to do it, and to enjoy yourself while you are doing it! Cardio fun is the key to enhancing your heart health alongside the benefits of lifting.

A long time ago I fell out of love with long runs. While training for half marathons (only one of which was treated seriously). It’s probably my fault. I was running and doing nothing else. So I ended up being fed up with running. Since then, I’ve learned to love shorter runs again by mixing them up with obstacles, or doing interval work, and trying to keep it interesting.

A big factor in CMS (and above) level lifting is cardio. The effort required to shift heavy bells frequently and maintain a good pace puts a lot more demand on the breathing than the lighter weights. Of course grip and general muscular endurance are a factor. But even as they improve, if you can’t breathe you will not be in a good place to finish a set. I know I joke that breathing is optional sometimes. But it turns out it is reasonably necessary 😉

Recently the husband has been angling (no not that sort…) to get out on the mountain bike trails near us, and then some friends mentioned they were going. Today was the second time this month we’ve been out with them, and I’ve found myself enjoying it. Despite the rain that occurred part way through. Having a better fitting hire bike certainly helped too. It’s very different to being on a road bike, but once I got over my initial fears, I found the challenge to be fun. So much so, I’m considering obtaining my own mountain bike.

Swinley Route 20150823

Blue/Red/Blue Routes at Swinley

We are lucky enough to be able to get to Swinley Forest very easily and the tracks there are well maintained and good fun. Often you don’t make the most of things you live near to; probably because you forget how good it is. But this is so convenient, and we know a few people that go there so it will be something I continue to do for endurance and cardio fun. I can even see us doing it in autumn and winter (though maybe not the ice). A bit of mud can be washed off 🙂

Muddy Legs - C. Knight / krider

Muddy Legs – C. Knight / krider

Doing cardio this way means it doesn’t feel like a training session and is just something we spend our leisure time doing. Which I believe is the way it should be for longevity. At doing said activity, and for your life, not withstanding other random illnesses or accidents.

What sort of activity do you find fun outside of lifting kettlebells/barbells?


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