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Serenity may seem an odd thing to cover on a blog about kettlebells, training, nutrition, etc. But I think trying to maintain that approach applies to me at the moment. You may have come across The Serenity Prayer before:

The Serenity Prayer

(Please feel free to replace God with any deity or important thing of your choice. Even the name of someone close to you. Religion is not the point of this post!)

The serenity, courage, and wisdom aspects resonate a lot with me at the moment. I mentioned in my last monthly musings that some things outside of my training life were getting in the way a bit. At the very least ebbing my mental strength, willpower, and perseverance! I certainly found that at team training last week. I wanted to do a longer set with the 20kg bell again, but the combination of the above and the heat meant I did not manage to get where I wanted to. Yes, I temporarily gave up by putting the kettlebell down. But what I did instead, was to pick it back up and do several smaller sets with it. Volume wise I did way more than I would have done in the one set. And while I had hand changes with some small amount of timed rest, I also kept doing the sets on tired arms.

Take the wins where you can and be happy with them! Look for the positive in a situation that hasn’t gone quite how you would like it to have gone.

Taking this view also relates quite well to Do You Have the Patience Needed to Succeed, which I shared on my Facebook page over the weekend.

…, but we cannot make a dream, calling, destiny, happen in its fullness overnight when it’s likely meant to take years or even a life time — Dan Pedersen

Training is as much about philosophy as it is about physical effort 🙂


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