Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – July 2015

geralt / Pixabay

July has flown by, so time pen some more monthly musings! Yes, I know this is digitally written, but “keyboard some monthly musings” just doesn’t sound right 😉


Good – Following my Dreams

Following on from the Bad from last month I made the decision to be brave and take actionable steps towards it. I feel I’ve made some good progress on that, and even if the current things don’t quite lead me where I want to be, they have helped me further along that road. I’ve made some new contacts, I’ve attended webinars, and furthered my learning. Learning stuff is good 🙂

This quote sums it up quite well!


Bad – Erm…

To be honest, I can’t pinpoint anything that is particularly bad. But I also don’t think it has been an amazing month. Though I did enjoy the short break up in the North East. Time seems to have flown by with an awful lot of busyness filling the time. But I’m not sure it was all productive, fun, or useful busyness…


Meh – Competition #Fail

I did think, at the time, of putting what happened in Darlington as a Bad thing for July. But time is a great healer. Or something like that 😉 It was bad at the time, but I’ve learnt a bunch of things from it. I’ve already started to tweak a few things and think about the next training plan and competition(s). Without failure, I wouldn’t have been forced to face the struggle, and then been less well prepared in the future.

I’ve also used the post competition time to have a bit of a training and diet break. A bit less training, and a few more treats. All my niggles have cleared up, aside from the wrist bruises as I transition to thinner guards. But that’s different because that’s a choice to harden my outer forearms up! I feel much better rested (physically) for the next cycle starting on Monday. I just need to ensure I get appropriate amounts of sleep now!



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