CMS Training Update #9

The final CMS Training update before the OKSE English Cup. Panic not loyal readers. I suspect this journey will continue 🙂

I’ve made great progress with the 20kg bell over the last few months, but the further up the (bell) weights one goes, the slower progress happens. I can hit CMS pace for about seven minutes of the required ten. So I will have to see how things go this coming weekend. Regardless I still hope to get a new competition PB (and beat my training PB). The extra carbs after weigh-in and the adrenaline should help. As should taking it a bit easier this week!

Tapering, or having a rest as some might call it, is not used enough sometimes. I can feel my body aching still this week, but now I’m giving it a chance to recover. But still keeping moving. I trained lightly Monday and Wednesday at the gym and have been ensuring I walk a lot. No interval training on the treadmill. No heavy kettlebell sets. Low weights and volume with the barbell. Just general mobility and keeping moving (see the photo above 😉 ). I want to be able to put all my energy into the set on Sunday and see what happens.

I had a good session last Thursday where I did some heavy ladders with 22kg, 20kg, and 18kg bells. After doing a ten-minute one-arm switch set with the 12kg bell. It was good because it reminded my body and mind what a ten-minute set is. But without too much stress. I was then able to go into heavy sets with decent reps per minute whilst fatigued. Sure I had rest between those heavier sets but overall I was doing Long Cycle for 19 of 28 minutes with good form. A perfect way to leave things before the competition.

I’ll keep you posted on how Sunday goes…! Wish me luck 🙂


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