Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – June 2015

geralt / Pixabay

It has been a mixed month with some highs and lows. But then monthly musings are a time to reflect, not just promote successes.


Good – Friends

I’ve had some good times with friends this month. The hubby and I have done a few events with them, had fun meals out, evenings spent chilling together and chewing over world and life events, enjoyed the weather together, etc. Do not underestimate the benefit of good friends.

A fun 5k, a couple of cycle rides, a curry, a Sunday lunch, a games evening, amongst others. And I had an awesome birthday this month where I was able to take a couple of days off work. And not only that, the weather was brilliant. And I got to use my new hammock stand 🙂

Mexican hammock in British sun. - C. Knight / krider

Mexican hammock in British sun. – C. Knight / krider


Bad – Disappointments

So many motivational quotes go on about taking charge, creating your own destiny, seizing the moment, and all that. Well, sometimes it doesn’t work out. I’ve been keen to make a few changes to things to life outside of training, and my first serious foray into that didn’t succeed. Hubby and friends have been very supportive which helped. But it does knock you back a bit.

I will say that this won’t stop me. I am very interested in self-improvement in all forms, and not just in training. Each of us needs different things for that to succeed. I have a better idea of what that is for me now. I just need to work out the next plan of action 🙂


Meh – Training

It has been a slow month in some regards. I knew it would be in terms of grinding out more reps in my kettlebell sets. But I’ve had to be sensible with my weight training to allow for this. My cardio work has also been affected by a dodgy ankle/hip. The ankle I dislocated years ago got upset by something. I’m still not sure exactly what. A run or ride I think. And that caused hip pain for over two weeks when trying to run or walk because it affected my gait. Still, an interval session on the treadmill on Saturday was the best run I’ve had in a long while with no pain before, during, or after 🙂





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