Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – May 2015

geralt / Pixabay

Monthly Musings time again. May feels like quite a long month, I think because of where the weekends fall. Being in the Caribbean for the start of the month also meant that coming back to reality was interesting. I’ve rarely felt this cold in the UK in May!


Good – Cuba

Getting away to Cuba was amazing. It was a break I think we both needed. For a variety of reasons! Exploring a new country is fun, even if we do it in a slightly artificial way via tours, etc. Seeing the architecture and wildlife, watching the locals, trying to understand the culture, meeting new people, trying new things (including food and drink). Widening our horizons because you are never to old to learn new things!

Having some time to kick back and properly relax was also nice; so much so it made the exploration even in temperatures we are unused to enjoyable. We took things at our pace. Stopped for drinks, or a ride in an old car, took photos, and soaked things up. Then at the beach resort we dialed it back even more. Relaxing with cocktails and many Kindle books 🙂


Bad – Insomnia

Sadly, I am no stranger to insomnia. Though mostly it is under control. It was worse when I was dealing with our life challenges in 2011, so I have developed various tactics. I find training and diet help as much as anything too. But jet lag induced insomnia. Oh, my!

I’m fairly used to transatlantic night flights, but for some reason coming home from Cuba affected me quite badly. I got no sleep on the plane though often manage at least an hour or two. Then for nearly a week I couldn’t sleep when I should have been, but had to fight to stay awake at the office. Incidentally, I think driving overtired is almost worse than after alcohol! Because I did fight the sleep off, I then couldn’t sleep again the next night despite being exhausted. All I can say is, thank goodness for caving in the end and having a sleeping tablet. One of those for just one night was enough to start to reset things. I just wish I’d decided to do it sooner.


Meh – My Blogging!

I’ve been a little lax this month on posts. I have ideas on what to write about, and even some notes. But since getting back from Cuba, and dealing with some nasty jet lag (the worst I’ve ever struggled I think) my motivation to complete them has dipped a little. I’ve been focused on a few other things outside of work which has taken some time, but mostly I’ve just been lazy. Daft, when on the whole I feel recharged!

I have been preparing some content though for these planned posts, even if they are not yet complete 🙂 Feel free to kick me next month if you don’t see a handful of posts!

I’ve also taken to sharing some other content on my facebook page for the blog. So follow that as well if you found this blog via your feed reader or Google or … This makes it slightly better, right?! 😉



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