CMS Training Update #6

Heavy Bells - C. Knight / krider

Since the last CMS training update, I have finally played with the 22kg and 24kg bells. The technique of the jerk portion of the long cycle is so important when lifting these weights. Unless the force, and path upwards, are good, that bell sure as heck is not going up! Once up, it’s OK to stabilise. Because if the bell and arm were not at a very good angle to start with, the bell wouldn’t even be up there.

I was very happy with how those sets with the heavier bells went in terms of reps per minute. What I did find though, was once the technique went, there was no recovering it with that much weight. It seriously taxed my CNS. Which, once it has adapted, will hopefully make the 20kg bell feel a bit nicer 😉

The forearm/elbow issue has not reappeared which I am very pleased about though I’ve not attempted any chin or pull ups recently to see whether it would antagonise it or not. I will look to do those again at some point as I want better mastery of my bodyweight. But not at the detriment of my CMS training. I’ve been sure to work the back with lat pulldowns and barbell rows and things as I want to ensure all round upper body stability.

I’ve been doing HIIT work when running to mix things up a bit. Though as my calories dropped performing at maximum effort got harder. Sometimes down to lack of energy and sometimes down to lack of recovery from other training sessions. Oddly doing sprint intervals seemed to make the session go faster. And I was well and truly spent when I’d done. If you don’t look like this when you’ve completed your HIIT, you are not doing it hard enough!

Post HIIT - C. Knight / krider

Post HIIT – C. Knight / krider

All my barbell work has continued to go well. Increments in weight lifted, even if those increments are a lot smaller than they were, with some good gains in some areas. Annoyingly my deadlift is now struggling due to left-hand grip (the arm that had the issue) but I’m persevering and not using wraps, so my grip is still having to work hard.

As I’ve already discussed, my calorie level has been down, so I’ve struggled with the overall volume lifted in the last week to ten days. To try and deal with it meant that I dropped a kettlebell session last weekend. Everything just ached! I knew this would happen, but it’s still a bit frustrating when it does. All part of the learning and process though. I’ve learnt how to handle different situations, to evaluate how my body recovers (or doesn’t) and increased my knowledge so it can’t be all bad!

I’m going to be having a lifting break now, before coming back strongly on the endurance side of things at the start of May. This should allow my body time to recover before the next onslaught. I will still be active, but it is during rest that muscle growth occurs. I’m looking forward to the next step in the training process 🙂

PS I’ve finally joined OKSE (Organisation of Kettlebell Sport England) after they published their long cycle ranking details. If you are English, support them 🙂


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