Stir Fry Simplicity

Spicy Sichuan Prawns - C. Knight / krider

After the madness of December followed by snowboarding, and then being quite ill, home cooked meals unfortunately had taken something of a backseat. I mean we still ate healthily, but at more of financial cost due to convenience. (Top Tip: Balanced for You (previously called Fuller Longer) is a great ready meal range which has a decent amount of protein in.)

We both like to cook, and prefer home cooked food, so we needed make an effort to get back into it. We’ve done this by choosing to make simple meals, which are either very quick or are left in a slow cooker all day. The slow cooking tends to happen at the weekend as we don’t want the cats breaking into the kitchen to eat dinner before we get back from work because of the tempting smells 😉

Quick does not have to mean poor nutrition, fatty, heavy, etc. A healthy stir fry is easy to put together, and is quick to cook after work with no major impact on any leisure or training time. I also like the leftovers reheated for lunch. So killing two birds with one stone!

I appreciate purists may well disagree with me, but acceptable curries can also be created quickly these days with decent flavours using sauces. It’s even possible to do a Jalfrezi with fried vegetables (spot of coconut oil), merged with loads of spinach, onion, and chicken in about half an hour! One example is the Hairy Bikers/Dieters Chicken Jalfrezi, which we have in their curry book, but I’ve linked you to an online version.

The two new favourites are Stir Fried Beef with Oyster Sauce or Spicy Sichuan-Style Prawns. Both recipes cook made in mere minutes, full of flavour, and have great macros. Serve with rice, or noodles, or even just more veg. Give them a go if you are struggling to get some healthy home cooked food sorted out.

Top tip: fillet steak sliced against the grain makes for melt in the mouth stir fried beef!

Beef in Oyster Sauce - C. Knight / krider

Beef in Oyster Sauce – C. Knight / krider


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