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Out Train a Bad Mood!

skeeze / Pixabay

You may not be able to out train a bad diet, but you can (mostly) out train a bad mood!

Or perhaps just meditate in the gym, like the guy in the image at the top of the post 😉

Last week was frustrating and annoying on a number of levels, most of which are not worth going into here. It got to Thursday and I was really not bothered about going to Team Training that evening. Which is unusual because it’s one of my favourite sessions of the week. Get to catch up with mates, as well as work hard. What more could you want?

Well my brain was trying to convince me that the sofa and wallowing would be better, using some DOMs as an excuse, but after a little whinge to a friend (thanks, dude!), I (wo)manned up and came along. And it was pretty much the best decision I made all week. I lifted well with the 20kg bell as part of my CMS Training (more on that soon), and got the most consistent reps per minute over five short sets that I’ve ever got. It felt good too. The bell was going up as it should, my technique felt more second nature than it had been feeling, and I got a few tips on improving the jerk portion as I got tired (and form started to slip) from the coach.

I know that exercise is often touted as a means of combatting depression (or even just a simple bad mood) and that all sports provide some kind of endorphins, but it’s often hard to make yourself when you get into that kind of mindset. I also should know better, as I know it helps me. I learnt that in recovery from my experiences documented in the Time to Talk post. Whilst it doesn’t work for everyone, being active really helps me and gives me headspace to work things out. I also love being physically tired as it helps to combat a brain that won’t switch off. Just being mentally tired (e.g. from my (deskbound) day job) doesn’t always make sleep forthcoming.

I do believe that training has stress reducing benefits too. Well, OK, I’m stressing my muscles and things, but I’m letting my mind de-stress. It might only last for the duration of the training session, but I will take that over nothing!

If you are having a bad day, do you train? I’m always up for learning new things to try. Though I really can recommend going and being active in some way.


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