Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – March 2015

geralt / Pixabay

It seems to have been a long month this time around. Time itself has gone by quickly, but February seems a long while ago! As does the last monthly musings. Perhaps that’s because I’ve managed to pack a lot of things into it? 🙂


Good – Progress

Progress in training, increasing my strength and in snowboarding technique.

Yep, the last one may sound a bit out of place, but we’ve been to a snow centre here in the UK with our new boards this month. I felt it was most useful for reminding myself of the things I learnt out in Tignes. I also think by the end of our session I had improved some more. I’m looking forward to going again soon(ish) 🙂

Training and strength have progressed hand in hand, though I still need to go back to the 20kg bell and see what impact the barbell and doubles work has had there. I’m enjoying the mix of what I’m doing too, which probably helps a lot with the progress, and it helps to get you through the tiredness aspect (see Meh below).


Bad – Lack of Respect

It’s interesting what a lack of respect can do for motivation. Detrimentally… It’s a long and involved story, but suffice to say it wasn’t the hubby, coach, or friends at fault. It’s just so frustrating the impact something like this has on mood and everything else.

Still, you learn a lot from things like this!


Meh – Tiredness

Probably as a consequence of the regular intense training I am feeling tired most evenings. We’ve adjusted our sleep pattern to be more consistent over weekdays and weekends, which is great, but sometimes I still need a lie in for recovery reasons! Some busy weekends have meant that has been a bit tricky, but really, if that’s all I have to complain about… 😉




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