CMS Training Update #5

Live, Love, Lift - C. Knight / krider

Training is going well 🙂 I love saying that, and despite being quite positive here, there are times when I have a bad workout or have to force myself to do the training session!

I’ve done more barbell work than kettlebell over the last couple of weeks, despite this being a CMS training plan. Partly because of trapping my finger between two bells at team training when doing doubles (did I mention I hate doubles work?!). Partly because of my forearm. And partly because I’ve been doing a bit of other kettlebell stuff rather than sport lifts for variety. I’ve even swung a 32kg bell for a minute (thanks Helen for suggesting it – admittedly I did then take it literally…). What was great about that was that it was my hamstrings that started to struggle (on top of a lot of heavy squats) but my grip was good. Single arm swings with heavier bells also felt better than it has before.

With the barbell, all my main lifts (deadlift, squat, overhead press, bench press) have seen weight increases. Even if with the overhead press they are now using fractional plates of 0.25kg! Accessory work has also seen an increase in weight or reps (or both). I’m very pleased with the progress 🙂 I’ve added in some abs work too. Not because I’m trying to get a mega six pack (need to drop more body fat to achieve that!), but it’s good to work them in ways the big lifts don’t.

I’ve started to use my belt with the squats now I’ve gone beyond my body weight. I find it helpful as the simple fact of wearing it stops me bending over as much. If I do the edge digs into my ribs! I don’t fasten it overly tight as that way I still have to brace against it too rather than relying on it. I’m still avoiding using any wraps for deadlift grip and the padded sleeve on the bar, glute bridges aside.

I’ve not yet moved to the 24kg bell as mentioned last time due to the forearm being slow to heal fully, but I shall probably do that over the next few weeks. I have done more volume work with double bells and the 16kg, including faster-paced sets. I eventually had to tape the arm one weekend, and it ached for forty-eight hours. However that did seem to set on the appropriate path, and my grip is getting better again; I’ve not had to tape it since, nor use any pain killers.

I’ve also done some running in the last couple of weeks. I tried one, as a replacement for kettlebell work on the weekend of the arm ache, and struggled. I’d not run since before being ill, so I needed to get back into it. Happily I’ve got back roughly to where I was stamina/breathing wise pretty quickly. I’ve even been doing some interval work with sprint sections far faster than I’ve done before.

Let’s hope it goes as well between now and the next update! I expect slower progress all round as I dig in with the heavier weights I’ve reached (barbell and kettlebell) but as long as there is progress then I can’t complain.


P.S. The necklace in the picture above is from AfflatusDesignStudio should you be interested in it, or something similar.




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