Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – February 2015

geralt / Pixabay

Another month down, as it appears it is time for more monthly musings. It seems to be improving as it goes on. Mostly because I’m now (finally) feeling a lot better and have at last stopped coughing.


Good – GSU Welsh Open

Despite the illness meaning I was not going to perform brilliantly, I had a great weekend in Wales with hubby and friends, and some enjoyable socialising with other kettlebell people. We even pretended we were youngsters again and had a late night in town on the Saturday 😉

I felt, breathing aside, that my set went well because of the ease with which I could handle the 20kg, at least for the 6 minutes. I always find a real benefit in carb loading and it’s good to know it helps with this weight too.


Bad – Work Stress

Another month of quite a lot of work stress either side of the weekend in Wales sadly. No more needs to be said…!


Meh – Slow Recovery

I know that the sort of illness I’d had needed time to recover from. But it was so frustrating as I started back with some light training, just how hard the cardio side was. Even when I wasn’t coughing excessively, I felt that I was lacking in energy with quite minor exertion. I guess I’m just impatient 🙂

It did feel good though to do a long bike ride this last weekend and feel like my breathing was almost back to normal! I’ve also gone back to some barbell work as I start a new training phase which felt pretty decent on Monday. Until the DOMs yesterday and today…




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