CMS Training Update #3

OpenClips / Pixabay

The third in my series of posts about training for CMS training (Long Cycle). In case you missed them, here are the first and second.

Sadly, since the previous post I’ve not actually lifted a kettlebell more than once 🙁 Despite that, I’m doing an update as this is all part of the process. Even I would rather not be experiencing said process!

I had an awesome week snowboarding with hubby and friends the week after the last post. This involved progressing my skills to slightly more than newbie, tackling many blues, still doing a lot of heel edge (hello quads – but great jerk/squat training 😉 ) and generally having many hours out on the mountain.

From there it went downhill from a cough on the last day or so, to a sinus infection, to a chest infection, progressing a week later into pleurisy. A virulent, violent, virus attack! A week on from the official diagnosis, and doing nothing but resting (the only cure in this case, codeine based pain relief aside), and it still hurts when I cough and the inflammation in the lining is clearly not all gone. Still at least the pain during breathing has abated, and I no longer feel like I am being stabbed in the ribs.

For once I’ve not been tempted to pick up a bell. Clearly a sign of how rubbish I’ve felt. I’d also worry about racking on my left side where the pain has been. I’ve also not done any cardio or even bodyweight. Moving my body too much has been far too painful.

This impacts my plans for the GSU competition in February, of course. Whilst I would still have been a fair way from the ranking numbers I need by then, it would have been a great experience and a good starting point to see how close I could get. Now it will be to see how much (if at all) I can do with minimal training… I do know that I can hit ten minutes, which is a confidence booster, and I know cardio wise that the reduced reps helps. I think I’m going to have to deal with it on the basis of suck it and see!

Wish me luck in actually being able to compete… *everything crossed*



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