Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – January 2015

geralt / Pixabay

OK, who stole the first month of 2015? I blink and it seems to have disappeared! I hope the year has started off well for you? Anyway, on with the first of this years monthly musings…


Good (Amazing!) – Snowboarding

All the snowboarding lessons of the last few months paid off with our trip to Tignes with friends. We had an awesome time, and despite my having a fall that knocked my confidence the following day midweek, we came back loving it even more 🙂 We had a lesson out there to reinforce things and that was very helpful. As was being babysat by our more experienced friends on a couple of days. It got us used to using the lifts, navigating a piste map, etc., and moved us onto some blues 🙂 We spent a lot of time practicing our turns, and it was fantastic to do it in such a great environment. Blue sky, grey sky and snow, mountains, views, ice, powder – there was some of everything!

I did discover that it is possible to bruise just one glute though (whilst getting air by flying backwards)! Impressive, even if I do say so myself 😉


Bad – More Illness

The week prior to, and the week in France, are the only two that I’ve managed to be healthy this year. The tail end of a cold at the very start of the month, then coming home to a chest (and sinus) infection. Which I ploughed on through mostly the first week (though no training – boo), and the infection was subsiding. However, my body had other ideas and in order to force me to rest properly decided to let the virus infect my pleura.

Thankfully I knew the signs of pleurisy so was able to get back in touch with the doctors before it got as bad as the last time I had it. However, the cause last time was a different virus with no major cough. This time the chest infection meant I needed to cough a lot. Whilst the painkillers I managed to convince them to give me helped a lot with the pain while immobile, the coughing for a few days was like being stabbed in my ribs. Yet I needed to clear my lungs to help the healing. Vicious circle 🙁

I’d like to hope that I am now improving a bit. I’ve actually been able to clear my lungs a bit today though prolonged bouts of coughing are both painful and exhausting. Needless to say, I’ve not trained. I’ve not even managed to work. And I’ve had to give up on going to do a 10K in London on Sunday which I’m actually quite disappointed about.


Meh – Doctors

I don’t go to the doctors unless there is a real need. Or I’m forced by NHS policies for reviews of my long-term medication. (Nope, the asthma I’ve had since I was 18 months old isn’t going away and I still need inhalers…).

I did feel as if I was trying to force the issue in my two appointments at the start of this week. Both of the doctors that I saw kept going on about no need for antibiotics for a viral infection. I don’t deny this. I’m not a fan of antibiotics because they are so broad brush and destroy good as well as bad in the body. I would rather let my body fight things on its own where I can. My asthma was the concern on the first visit, and I pretty much knew the problem by the time of the second. I’d gone to ensure I didn’t need steroids or other inhalers, and then because I knew I needed pain relief. I could have done without the “you just need to rest” attitude. It was also proper racking pain. I had to brace myself to even cough very slightly! I mean, I throw 20kg weights on to my arms for fun (sort of!); I’m used to dealing with superficial pain 😉

That said, I do appreciate the NHS and what it offers. And we have both benefited (and continue to do so) from some very good employees of the NHS. I just wish, especially at GPs with long-term records now easily available on their systems, that they could realise who they are dealing with when you go in. My drug record alone should have helped on that score?



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