Moderation is Key

A beery friend of mine today published a post on “Beer Belly?“. I found it an excellent post for a number of reasons. But first a little background…

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I am a fan of good beer. I am very much not a fan of a lot of what CAMRA promote. I prefer stronger beers and kegged beers. Which tends to mean higher calories. But again that’s my choice (and my taste buds). I got into this area a few years ago and made some online acquaintances via the power of social media. Many of whom, including brewers, we’ve now met several times. And shared a beverage and a good chin wag with 🙂

Phil was one of these guys, and I’ve always enjoyed his posts. This is the first I’ve felt compelled to comment on in this way, partly because it ties in with the way I try to live now. Sure, my training, needing to make a certain weight, and competing all mean a bit more strictness. But I still enjoy a good beer. Almost more so as they are now so infrequent.

Have a read of the post and see what you think. I’ll be waiting…

Ah, you are back!

I love the honesty in Phil’s post. I believe that he is right that moderation in everything is key, and it is not all down to the alcohol. I know that calories in > calories out causes fat gain, but you have to find a balance that works for you. That’s something that zealous individuals, the government advisors, and well-meaning people all tend to forget. Being active is also important as he alluded to. My personal goals mean that I am perhaps stricter with my training and nutrition, but the principle is the same. I try to achieve a certain level of activity over a given week, along with hitting my kettlebell sets. Hubby just likes to keep healthy so does a little less exercise than me and has a few more beers (or wines 😉 ).

The plateaus that Phil experienced are also common, and it is the point where people will lose motivation. The amount lost over the month was a healthy number for a sustainable weight loss. But I completely empathise with the frustration of the scale not budging when you have been good. The body is very good at holding on to fat, then suddenly shedding a load for a reason best known to itself. It can even occur on weeks with less activity! Weight loss is not linear. It is the trend over time that matters. I certainly have enough data over the last couple of years to support this comment! Random gains of a few pounds to then lose that and more a week later…

I’m also tempted to push “Drynuary” just for amusement too 🙂

Live life. Enjoy it! But do it in moderation so that there is a level of indulgence combined with being healthy enough to enjoy that life!

Moderation is key!


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