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Graze Boxes – Long Term Review

Graze Punnets - C. Knight / krider

I’ve been using Graze for about four years now, since their launch, and received many Graze Boxes in my time. I’ve seen what they offer evolve, and I’m still with them!

A colleague at the time introduced me to them with a free box code. I’ve gone through phases of many or fewer deliveries but am now settled at a box every fortnight usually. I do find their portions of healthy (ish) treats very useful. A large back of mixed nuts might disappear quickly for example. However, having a random selection of things sent out at the required interval allows me to have fruit and nuts in my normal diet without any danger of too many, or of what I’ve bought going off if I portion them up myself. (Yes I did find a small bagged portion of nuts at the back of the cupboard the other day…)

Graze Boxes are a simple premise. Nutritious and inspired snacks! You can specify likes and dislikes by saying whether you never want any item, through to loving the item. This governs how often you are likely to receive that snack. You can also request to get an item soon (if they have the ingredients available) using a “Send Soon” checkbox.

These days I’ve refined my selection based on years of experience. Sometimes the site whines at me that I’ve binned too many options, but I don’t care! This way I get what I like to eat 🙂 They have also items such as jerky and small cakes now. There really is something for everyone.

Another benefit of these boxes is the handy sealed punnets are great for throwing in a bag to take to work/training/travelling. This helps you make sensible choices when otherwise you may grab the nearest chocolate bar or bag of crisps.

Another really useful feature of Graze Boxes is that the each one comes with printed macros for each punnet inside the box of that delivery. They also identify portions of fruit etc. too. This really helps me track my intake, which I do most of the time to ensure I get the right breakdown of fat, protein, and carbs to support my training. It would be wise to check out the macros though. Some of the nut punnets have lots of fat in, of course. It’s also quite educational if you are not aware of what the calorie level and/or macro breakdown of nuts and dried fruit is. Both are very nutrient dense, and whilst healthy, too much of anything is going to cause weight gain.

Another benefit of the punnets is the mix of chocolate (yes really!), nuts, fruit, seeds, … which is quite hard to do at home without buying a very wide range of ingredients and then having to plough through the same ones over time. Some of the punnet combinations are awesome.

Since their launch, Graze have branched out into boxes for children and breakfast boxes. Given my honey allergy, I found the breakfast range a little limiting so stopped having those. But the concept of four punnets of porridge arriving for a week at work is an excellent one. I often eat breakfast at work (post-training) and I’ve known plenty of colleagues who have done the same over the years. Having something like this is far better than missing the meal altogether, or grabbing a less nutritious snack.

If you fancy something different turning up at your desk (or at home) then why not give Graze a try? If you use code K3Y7K2WZT you can get three boxes free too. Your 1st, 5th, and 10th. No long-term commitment or subscription minimum. Stop anytime you want to. What’s not to like? 😉


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