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Anna Goes To Hamburg (IUKL World Championships)

No, I’ve not taken up writing children’s stories. Though maybe I should diversify? ๐Ÿ˜‰ My coach, Anna Plumridge, will soon be competing for England at the IUKL World Championships. In doing so, she will be the first English woman to compete at a professional level in a Kettlebell World Championships. Ever!

She will be competing in the Snatch, using a 24kg bell, despite recently achieving the reps required for Master of Sport with the same weight in Long Cycle. This is because (so far) the only lift woman can compete in at world championships is the Snatch. It is also mandatory to compete with a 24kg bell as a professional female athlete.

I am in awe of what she has achieved with kettlebells, and I know how hard she has worked in recent months to achieve the standard needed to qualify and then participate in this competition. For anyone who thinks this sort of thing comes easily, it doesn’t. There have been plenty of training sessions going on in addition to running the training centre. Lots of Kettlebell and auxiliary work (strength training, cardio, grip training). Small injuries. Torn hands. Fatigue. And some excellent training PBs as a consequence.

Whatever she achieves in Hamburg will be amazing. I’d like to wish her well and to say that I am proud that I am working with her. And to have her as a friend. I know she has personal targets in terms of reps etc.ย but just by competing she has already made history!

Hopefully, I can make my CMS goals soon, and maybe one day compete in a World Championships. Nothing would make me prouder than to represent my country. But they do need to allow Long Cycle before that can even become a target ๐Ÿ™‚

Go Anna!


PS For those of you reading this before the event, there will be a live stream of the lifting provided by GS Planetย so you can watch history in action.


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