ProBalm Review – Long Term Use

Much Used ProBalm Puck - C. Knight / krider

I’ve been using ProBalm for nearly three years now (since December 2011). I came across it through social media, and as a climber thought I’d give it a go. Like other products I use, it is always great to support a UK company, and in this case the product has definitely stood the test of time. A ProBalm review is well overdue on the blog given I’ve been using it for a lot longer than some things I have already reviewed.

I don’t climb with anywhere near the frequency that I used when I lived further north, but I do give my hands a very good workout with kettlebells and weights. They have a hard life! Combine that with swimming, cycling, taking up snowboarding, and generally suffering from dry skin anyway their main balm on the hands, and lip balm on the face has been very useful.

ProBalm describes the product as

Repair and recovery for active skin

Which is pretty accurate!

When I got a recent blister on my palm from kettlebell training (ten days before the British Championships…) I thought I’d document how ProBalm helped it to heal. As it turned out, even better than I dared to hope for as the new skin did not rip during my competition set either 🙂


Initial Injury

The blister occurred in the middle of my right palm where a kettlebell rubbed against it during timed sets. Until I punctured it, it looked fairly innocuous as the next photos shows, though it was annoying and hindered gripping anything hard. Once drained I eased the skin away. Had I had more than ten days in which it needed to heal I may well have been more conservative. But I didn’t and needs must!

Blister - C. Knight / krider

Blister – C. Knight / krider

Removing the skin revealed it was a deep blister, and the exposed skin was really sore. Unsurprisingly 😉 I left it air for a bit that evening with to help natural healing before bringing the ProBalm into play overnight.


Healing Process

I find that ProBalm works best overnight. Mostly because I need to use it on my hands and at night I am not constantly trying to use said hands so it stays put. I tend to put a thickish amount on so it can soak in overnight and work its magic. Just to clarify, I use the ProBalm Puck for my hands. The lip balm can be used any time of the day or night and reapplied really easily.

The next morning already showed an improvement and two days later when I needed to do one of my last pre-competition training sessions it was usable if a little unconformable. A bit of grit and determination gets you through such things 😉

Two Days Later - C. Knight / krider

Two Days Later – C. Knight / krider


Four, Ten, Fourteen Days Later

Having treated it for several nights, and including another kettlebell session (just to keep mobile during the taper) it was doing quite well.

Four Days Later Post Kettlebells - C. Knight / krider

Four Days Later Post Kettlebells – C. Knight / krider

I expected to lose the new skin during my competition set. Ten minutes of adrenaline fuelled competition can do that to you. Pain of ripped hands can be endured sometimes 🙂 I’m very pleased to say that it wasn’t the case. There was clearly some peeling going to happen at a later point, but the hand stayed intact! Excuse the chalk. And any out of focus-ness was because my forearms were so pumped!

Minutes After Doing A Gold Medal Winning Ten Minute Set - C. Knight / krider

Minutes After Doing A Gold Medal Winning Ten Minute Set – C. Knight / krider

I didn’t do much specific to it after this. Maybe only one or two more applications of ProBalm. I did some light lifting as I needed a rest after the competition but needed to keep moving for the triathlon coming up the next weekend. I think it looked pretty good a week after the championships.triathlon coming up the next weekend. I think it looked pretty good a week after the championships.

A Week After British Championships - C. Knight / krider

A Week After British Championships – C. Knight / krider



If your hands take a beating in sports activities, or indeed in a job that exposes them to rough treatment, I really recommend ProBalm. The puck lasts for ages and is very cost-effective. There are no nasties in the product and it works well to heal and moisturise.

I’ve used it to deal with climbing and kettlebell caused issues on my hands. I’ve used it on grazes (works very well!), and I plan to ensure I have plenty of the lip balm to use over the winter for cycling, running and snowboarding. I would even go so far as to put some of the puck on my face if I felt it needed it. I’ve also used it on the odd patch of eczema caused dry skin with good results.

I have a very sensitive skin and find I am quite limited as to which gels, washes,  and creams work for me (much to the stress of relatives at Christmas time 😉 ) and have never had any issue with ProBalm. They are not wrong when they say it is “pucking good stuff”!


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