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What Next? Future Goals and Plans

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Aside from the odd 5k my competing for this year has ended. I thought it would be useful to collect my thoughts together on what my future goals are. This not only makes me decide exactly what they are, and commit to them, but then helps me to sort out training for them in a systematic manner.

It is possible to compete year round with Kettlebells should you have the energy, drive, and are happy to vary which disciplines you do. However, I am making a conscious effort to have a bit of a rest at the moment. I’m slowly working towards the next GSU competition. I have achieved a lot in 2014, but also been injured. I want to give my body time to adapt and recover. And to maybe try other things without the pressure of a competing deadline coming up. Rest is an underrated part of any sports training plan. Whilst being idle wouldn’t be helpful for me (I’d get bored as well as put on weight), active recovery where I focus on other muscle groups or activities is a great way to vary things.

I’ve had a couple of light weeks after the triathlon, but now feel the need to keep active. I’ve written myself a mini-plan for two weeks, combined with 30 days of HIIT and some (short, sharp) running in most sessions. This keeps my strength work (including kettlebells) ticking over whilst doing a bit more cardio. I will then look to do a longer buildup to the next GSU competition (assumed February at the time of writing).

My aim next year is to get CMS Long Cycle. This means I need to use the 20kg bell, with a range of reps depending on my bodyweight at the time. I had originally wanted to achieve this in 2014, and did about 50 in six minutes earlier this year but then got injured again. I hope my progression is safer this time!

I also plan to carry on doing some (super) sprint triathlons. I want to improve my swimming, already enjoy the cycling and am happy to run those distances. This will keep my cardio on track. Just doing running events doesn’t hold the same appeal for me at all. I’d like to consider doing an Ironman 70.3 at some point, but I think realistically it will be 2016 or beyond. I’ll probably look to have some swimming lessons in the New Year as well. This should help me in general, as well as allowing me to actually be able to do more than a handful of crawl strokes!

I also will need to continue my strength training. To complement all of the above! I am now very conscious, and a lot more educated, about my shoulders and thoracic spine area and know that working those outside of kettlebells translates to better long cycling. I achieved a deadlift of 2x bodyweight and a squat of 1.4x bodyweight this year. These were from previous bests of around 1.4x and 1x respectively. I have no real desire to push massively beyond those numbers in 2015, but I do want to maintain being able to do that kind of work. I’m looking to increase the volume of lifts at a percentage below my 1RM as I do still struggle with that.

Add in some snowboarding (never been before) in the New Year with lessons between now and then and I think I’m able to keep fairly active 🙂 Once I have booked in some event dates I’ll likely blog about training specifics for them. I may also sneak in a sportive or two with the hubby. Though he’ll beat me hands down. I’ll ignore that bit 😉

Anyone else have exciting plans for 2015?


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