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Monthly Musings – October 2014

geralt / Pixabay

Another month down in 2014! It’s been a pretty decent month overall, with November already looked packed with good stuff as well 🙂 Any exciting achievement this month, or plans coming up, for you reader?


Good – Snowboarding

It has been a decent month overall with most things. My second triathlon, a gold medal in kettlebells, no more injuries, and now we have been learning to snowboard. We’ve had lessons on an artificial snow treadmill (yes they are a thing!), locally at Skiplex, and then last weekend on the snow at Milton Keynes Snozone. It’s taken a bit of getting used to, but we are both really loving it at the moment.

We have a range of lessons at both locations booked for between now and mid-December so the aim is to do more than just the very basics when we hit the Alps in 2015 🙂


Bad – Kitty Illnesses

The weekend of the GSU British Championships was also the weekend that two of our three cats decided to get ill. Well, I’m not sure it was a choice as such, but it happened! Thankfully the lad (Felix) mostly recovered by himself, but we still got him checked out by the vet and he had an anti-emetic injection which lasted long enough for the sickness to go away completely.

Unfortunately, Moko, his litter sister, and our physically smallest cat was not so lucky. Two weeks of indoor confinement, along with her being an inpatient for 36 hours was needed to get her completely sorted 🙁 She’s too clever for her own good too, avoiding food in which we’d hidden drugs, and fighting like her life depended on it trying to give her antacids! She also didn’t do brilliantly in the vets as she was unhappy being there and hid in a cage and pulled her drip out. Silly thing.

Happy to say she’s better now, though losing a chunk of weight at only 4kg before being ill didn’t help. She was back chasing a garden interloper last weekend, whilst her physically larger brother and (non-littermate) sister hid inside 🙂 She’s our feisty little ninja!

And does a good impression of a jedi in her cat basket…

Jedi Moko #theforceisstronginthisone


Meh – Autumn Driving

I know a lot of people object to the autumnal weather or the nights drawing in, or the clock change. None of these things really bother me. Seasons come and go whatever we think about them and we need to make the best of what they offer. So they are definitely not a meh this month.

The way people drive when the weather isn’t at its best is though. There have been some right idiots again this month, not adapting to damp (or even full-on wet and aquaplaning) road conditions, not having lights on when they should, etc. There seems to be an increase in car usage too, adding to congestion to compound the issue too.

People on the roads (including motorcyclists and cyclists) – please adopt a little bit of common sense! Thanks ever so much.



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