Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – August 2014

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Already time for more musings!


Good – Catching Up and Relaxing

One of the best things about the Grand Prix was that it was back in the North East of the UK. An area in which I lived for a good few years, and where the husband’s family still live. As well as competing, and having a great evening out with Team BBF, Steve and I were able to catch up with some great friends over the following couple of days. We don’t get enough chance to do this (we both need more holiday days from work!) and it was brilliant to do so.  We also stayed with the MIL so caught up with family too.

After this we then had a relaxing, though physically active, few days in the Lakes. Walking, being rained on, some outdoor gear shopping. Perfect 🙂


Bad – Nothing!

I’d have to say there is nothing I’d like to note down for the bad this month! Sure there are ups and downs every week. Minor annoyances. But nothing that has really got to me. Work has been going well. Training, even around the injury, has been going well. The hubby has had a minor niggle, but that is under control at the moment as well.

So, moving on to the Meh then…


Meh – Injuries

I know that for some having another injury would be classed as bad. However I think it’s helped me further focus my training, and I’m better at dealing with the inevitable set backs now. I’ve also (based on the experience of last time) been more pro-active with getting professional help, and in finding other activities to keep moving.

I also made it worse by choosing to compete knowing I had a niggle. Despite us seeming to live in a culture these days where things are never an accident, or just happen without a reason, there really was no-one to blame but myself. And I’m glad I did compete despite everything!


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