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C. Knight / krider

I was originally going to do a post on something else today, but decided to write about my recent training struggles instead. I sometimes think blogs that cover training or fitness are selective and only the good stuff sees the light of day. The PBs, competition wins, drops in weight or body fat etc. Which can’t really be the reality for 99% of people. So I’m trying to keep it honest. Or “keeping it real” as the cool kids like to say 😉

I’ve had some really good training sessions since starting on the current plan, but I’ve found the last couple of weeks quite tough. At least when it comes to my kettlebell training. I’ve struggled with endurance, pace, and forearm pain. In different levels each session. And I’m sure at least some of it has been mental as well. Mental toughness is an underrated skill in (kettlebell) sport.

I think events outside of training haven’t helped. Motivation is a finite resource, however focused we think we might be. Which is where consistency and routine help. My training sessions are in my calendar. With reminders! But even if you make the training session, it doesn’t mean it will go as you would like, or as the plan says it should. All that said, it is an achievement to actually make the training session is still an achievement. It’s also why all the various fitspo images on Instagram and Facebook these days may sometimes be cool, can make great t-shirt slogans, but do very little to actually truly motivate you to get to a training session when you feel you are struggling. It’s the routine and discipline you’ve built up over time that get you there.

It’s definitely only the kettlebell work I’ve been struggling with, despite having a great set for longer than I planned to do at the end of June. So then I’ve been second guessing myself, and dreading doing the sets. Somewhat counterproductive 🙁 All the barbell work has been going well. Volume is up on higher weights with the deadlift. Dynamic work with the squats is proving doable despite my fears earlier in the plan. Even the box jumps were feeling a lot less intimidating. Until Wednesday this week when I managed to shin the damn box. Wood + shin = painful wounds. The bruising is finally starting to come out; 2 days later!

C. Knight / krider

C. Knight / krider

In the end I had a chat with my coach and we sorted some stuff out. She left me to make the final decision(s) which I’ve done. And she was right to do. I had to decide what was right for me. I’ve tweaked my plan a bit. I think some of the other strength work was starting to interfere. I can get back to that post the October competition. I’ve also been playing with extra carbs before kettlebell training sessions to see how that helps (or doesn’t). I’ve only really experienced it once or twice so far so it is a bit early to draw conclusions.

I need to take the chance to rest my forearms between now and Monday (3 days) to hopefully get rid of some of the tendon inflammation that I think I made worse last weekend. Doh! I’ll do some cardio and squat work this weekend and go from there 🙂

Training struggles are annoying. Even stressful. But hopefully dealing with them now will make me better able to cope going forward and at the competitions I have planned for August and October. In amongst the turmoil there are things I can control, and by addressing those hopefully other things will fall into place. I have support for both my training and nutrition. And of course my husband to provide moral support. And a hug when it all gets a bit much 😉



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